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There are two types of communism.

In its pure form "the people" own all property and "each is paid according to his skills and ability" as determined by the 'government'. That’s how the idea of communism started out in the mid-1800’s by a guy named Karl Marx. The second form of communism embraces some of that philosophy, but is more insidious. Its predecessor evolves (devolves, in my mind) out of socialism into the globalist view of command and control, not unlike the previous USSR or today’s China. This newer breed of communism I call "socialist communism" because of its roots are in socialism.

The socialist communists use the pure form which is idealistic to entice the unknowing into the devolved form. "Socialism" is merely one step before communism and tyrannical. The New World Order or Globalism is actually the devolved form of socialist communism.

What are "socialist communists" or "globalism" and who are its members? It's a relatively small group of power-hungry elites who want to control the world, through the actions of mankind, to their benefit. They use groups of people in higher education, media, entertainment, technology, political institutions, churches, foundations and other bedrock institutions, as instruments to do their bidding. The reward for the members of these groups is significantly higher salaries than, in many cases, their occupations warrant. They live better than the norm and enjoy a certain amount of prestigious.

Why are the globalists doing this?

The goal of the globalists is to increase their wealth and perpetuate it. How are they doing this? They’re doing it by essentially turning people into slaves. Why are people letting them do this? They are totally unaware of what’s happening because they buy into the "for the good of society" mantra and "obey" the laws that are good for society as a whole, meanwhile destroying their inalienable rights. The rights under Globalism are GIVEN to you by the government. You’re entitled to nothing. What the government giveth, the government taketh away, at its discretion of course, based on what they think your needs are.)

Why are people so willing to sell themselves and their rights without knowing the consequences?

Simple. Greed. Free money. Free healthcare. Free housing. Free college. Free food. Free cell phones. Free movies. And don’t forget the way they keep people placated. Legalized mind-altering drugs, mindless TV and video games. By the way, marijuana is only the beginning. And let's not forget the cheap stuff, like goodies from China - you can live like a movie star or rich person when you have stuff like they have – or so people believe. Keep people shallow. Tell them what to think and tell them what to do. It’s a bit like herding cattle, only easier because they’re so willing to comply.

My minister posed a good question one Sunday. After you watch a TV show or movie, ask yourself, “What is it teaching me about life?” Let’s take it a step further, “What is it teaching my children and grandchildren about life?” Most of entertainment is propaganda for the far-left. It’s easy to figure out the messages when you know the goals.

I guess that was why I never really got into the Simpsons. In fact, that show has always really bothered me since it originally aired over 20 years ago. The foundation for mocking and jeering people who you don’t like or don’t agree with, was laid and taught to generations of children. Are we really surprised when that disrespect for others not like themselves Is the hallmark of the far-left?


After you’ve asked yourself those questions, ask yourself this, “What are you willing to sacrifice for your future and future generation’s freedoms?” Lastly, “Is slavery worth the price?” Remember, under socialist communism, your children are not your own. They belong to society. Hillary made that clear in the second debate against President Trump in 2016. And you wondered why the left is so angry about losing the election. Now you know.

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